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Secure Your Tenancy

After viewing and applying successfully


If your application is successful we will contact you to confirm this via e-mail.

We may request that you make a payment of up to £200 as a holding fee to secure your tenancy.

We ask you to provide us with everything on the following list. You may send documents by email.

What we request

Please have the following prepared to secure your tenancy

  1. Your bank account details. Bank address, sort code, account number (for standing order form).
  2. Bank statements. Copies of your bank statements for the last three months.
  3. Wage slips
  4. Photo Identification. Government issued ID  e.g. driving licence, passport
  5. Employers reference letter stating contract term and wage.
  6. Previous landlord reference letter, or details for us to obtain one.
  7. Your right to rent/stay confirmation for the UK, if relevant.
  8. Holding fee

Holding Fee & Refunds

Your holding fee is your advance payment towards your first month’s rent (subject to successful credit and referencing checks). You may be asked to pay immediately and before we process your application to include referencing and credit checks.

While we process your application we do not continue to show prospective tenants the room/property for a maximum of seven days. Please note it may still be visible on advertising websites.

If you inform us during this period that you no longer want to rent the room/property we will return your holding fee after we deduct a fair amount to cover any costs we have incurred while processing your application. These costs may include cost of credit and reference checks, cost of time spent processing references, and any loss of rent during the time your application has been processed (on a daily rent pro-rata basis).

If you give misleading or incorrect information on your application form, which results in us rejecting your application, we do not refund your holding fee. Otherwise if we reject your application, we refund the holding fee in full immediately.

References explained

We require references in advance from all our tenants. These include two individual letters as follows:

1. Ask your previous landlord to supply a signed letter including their name, address and phone number and answering the following questions:

  • How long were you a tenant of this landlord for?
  • Did you pay your rent to this landlord on time?
  • Would the landlord recommend you as a tenant?

2. Ask your current employer to supply a signed logo-headed letter answering the following questions:

  • How long have you been employed by the company?
  • What is your current salary?
  • How would your employer describe your character?

Finalising your tenancy

Once we have all of the above we will run a credit check and provided no issue arises we will send you your documents to sign online via Adobe Sign. Prior to your move in date you will be required to pay the following:

    • Deposit (one month’s rent or five weeks rent)
    • One month advance rent payment via bank transfer (minus any holding fee you have paid previously.)

Tenancy agreement example PDFPrimeSpaces-tenancy-agreement.pdf

Standing order form PDFPrimeSpaces-standing-order-blank1.pdf

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