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Inventory Check In

On the first day of your tenancy we will meet you at the property to check the inventory together and provide you with keys.


The inventory is a descriptive list of all items in your room or flat. On check in, we check all items are present and we check their condition. We use this list again when you check out, to ensure that all items are present and in an acceptable condition before returning your deposit.

Please check through the inventory when you arrive to move in and if there is any item missing or damaged please use or request a repair form to report it to us immediately so we can put it right.

Inventories for some of our rooms are available on this web site.

Inform of us damage or repairs needed immediately

If there is any accidental damage or repairs required during your tenancy, we ask that you contact us using our request a repair form immediately so we can act quickly in making repairs or replacements. Please do not wait till the end of your tenancy to inform us of repairs or damage, as extra management charges may apply.

Shelter’s advice on repairs