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Knatchbull House

Welcome to Knatchbull House

Knatchbull House is a large end of terrace bright victorian house on three floors floors. The whole house was fully refurbished in 2005.

There are 7 single bedsit rooms, 1 double bedsit room and 1 studio flat.

All rooms have broadband internet access.


The house has central heating available all year round and controlled by a thermostat so you will never get cold.


All walls and floors are sound-proofed.


We also confirm to all legislation and have a quarterly maintained fire alarm system and fire extinguishers for your safety.


The house is cleaned and maintained twice a week. A maximum of nine people share the common facilties.


If there is any accidental damage or repairs required during your tenancy, we request that you contact us immediately so we can make repairs.

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